Guillaume Weisang’s formal training and personal interests lie in the overlap between business (esp. finance), applied mathematics (including statistics) and computer science. A recent graduate from Bentley University’s doctoral program, Guillaume Weisang is now assistant professor of finance in The Graduate School of Management at Clark University, Worcester, MA. His research interests include: Bayesian statistics and Bayesian econometrics, times series, hedge fund performance evaluation and replication, hedge fund systemic risk. While at Bentley, Weisang received the Best PhD student in Business Award, 2007-2008.


A native of Paris, France, Weisang also holds an MSc (2005) in computer science and applied mathematics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Engineering in Electro-technology, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications in France, as well as an MS (2005) in Financial Engineering and Modeling from Toulouse Business School (ESCT), the National Engineering School in Aeronautic (Sup’Areo) and the National Institute in Advanced Sciences of Toulouse (INSA).

Before coming to the United States to pursue his PhD, Weisang worked for Société Générale Asset Management Alternative Investment on quantitative strategies and structured products (including, but not limited to, portfolio selection and pricing, interest rates modeling, risk analysis, econometric models for statistical arbitrage). While at Bentley University, he also taught several semesters of various courses in business statistics and financial markets.